First use

Clean the box thoroughly, disinfect and rinse abundantly with water.

Disperse a thick layer on a moist underground

4 bales for a box of 3m x 3 m 6 bales for a box of 4m x 4m


Remove the horse droppings with a special stable bedding fork (available in many shops) on a daily basis


Remove the urine spots and the wettest part of the stable bedding.

Disperse one extra bale to keep the volume stable.

Remove the complete stable bedding every 10 to 12 weeks, clean the box thoroughly and disperse new stable bedding.


When shifting from traditional straw to ECOFLAX® stable bedding, it is advisable to give the horses a small portion of straw or hay. The sudden shift from eatable to non-eatable stable bedding may bother some horses.

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