Flax straw based on pure flax

  • 100% natural flax
  • Dust-free
  • Unrivalled comfort
  • Super absorbing
  • Fertile dung

70% less compared to straw


the horses are always on a dry surface. The stable bedding absorbs up to 450% of its own volume.


ECOFLAX® saves efforts because removal is much easier


Pressed bags of 120 liter / 20 kilogram

Pallet of 80x120x255 cm > 21 bags

Transport- conditions

By lorry (with large trailer)
Between 1 and 33 pallets of 80 x 120 cm (disposable pallets) or 21 bags of 20 kg.
A fork-lift truck should be avaible for unloading.

By small-sized lorry (with tail lift)
Between 1 and 12 pallets of 80 x 120 cm (disposable pallets) of 21 bags of 20 kg.

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